Enlightening Entertainment
The Minister and The Mystic On The Road!!!
The Minister and the Mystic – Wednesday Night Event, Main Sanctuary, 7:15
PM, Love Offering AUGUST 9th

oin Dr. David Goldberg and Psychic Rick Finbow as they present a one-of-a-kind evening that will expand
your awareness and bring you into even more direct connection with Source energy. They will share life-
changing insights as Rick demonstrates his extraordinary psychic abilities as he uses the Tarot to help him
focus his intuition and David offers personal, practical and powerful prayers to help ground the experience.
Working with random audience members for readings and prayers, everyone in attendance will feel more
connected as we affirm that we are One!

Dr. David Goldberg is an ordained Religious Science minister and the publisher and editor of Guide for
Spiritual Living: Science of Mind magazine. He considers the 80,000 people who read the magazine in all
of its forms on a monthly basis his congregation. Rick Finbow is a naturally born psychic with the “three C’
s,” clairvoyant, clairaudient, and clairsentience. He has worked professionally as a psychic, medium and
animal communicator for almost 40 years and works with clients around the world in person and via phone
and Skype. Learn more at

Animal Totems and Meditation Workshop – Sunday, 1:30 PM, Energy
exchange of $45 AUGUST 13th

Animals afford us visions of how our lives could be if we lived more simply and with purity of thought and
emotion. Incorporating animal totems into our lives helps us affirm our spiritual goals. We all have spirit
guides and sometimes they are animals. Learn how animal totems support us on our spiritual path using
Psychic Rick’s Animal Totem Deck. We will then invite them into our collective consciousness using guided

Dr. David Goldberg and Psychic Rick Finbow have offered this workshop in spiritual and secular
communities around the country. Their unique blend of deep connection and humor help audiences
understand that Spirituality can be fun! Learn more at

The Minister and The Mystic on the Road!!!
First Stop St. Petersburg, Florida
First Unity Campus!!