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Q&A with Psychic Rick

  • How did you know you were Psychic? When did it begin?

    I am a natural born Psychic. I became aware of  my intuitive nature at an early age, I was a sensitive child and began seeing, hearing and feeling energy at the age of five. Children are amazing and can see, hear and feel things that adults have learned to suppress. At five not knowing what this was I would insist on sleeping with the light on.

  • At what age did you become a professional in this field?

    At age 20 I began performing psychic readings for others that were not friends or family members. At first I was reluctant to accept payment but clients began insisting because of the value they felt my readings gave them.

  • If a psychic sees something bad in my future, should I try to avoid it or will the actions I take be what brings about the bad?

    A true Psychic will only tell you of things that you already know, expect or sense will happen. So, if something uncomfortable or bad comes up it is surely something that you can change or feel differently about. The only actions you can take to avoid something is change the way you feel about it. A Psychic will pick up what is in your subconscious mind and you are creating yourself, once you realize this the game of life becomes easier and more flowing.

  • Believing that Psychic ability is a gift, how can you charge for your services?

    I too believe that this is an amazing gift and I have developed it to the point where I can help others with my gift. I have been offering readings professionally for 38 years now and the fee I charge is for my time, I am booked sometimes weeks in advance. In this physical world the exchange of monies for service is how we show value and worth.

  • Should I prepare anything for my psychic or medium reading?

    That is a great question. I only ask that you arrive or call with an open mind. Some clients find it helpful to write down questions before we meet but, I begin a session with a general reading and before you ask any questions most will be answered.