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Magical Life Coaching with Psychic Rick

Here you will find products and Life Coaching packages
Magical Life Coaching

Are You feeling satisfied?

Are you sure about your passion and path?

Do you have the Life you desire?

If you answered NO to any of these questions I can help you change your Life.

A weekly coaching session is Great for clients who want to change their lives and achieve dreams. Learn to manifest more easily by having a coach in your corner. Release what is holding you back from an extraordinary life.

Learn how to Clarify and Manifest. If you are not happy with your life on any level then these coaching packages are for you. Learn from a master coach who will be on your side each step of the way. Rick has had such amazing success with clients changing their lives on a weekly basis.

4 1/2 hour weekly One-on-One Coaching Package $400. per month

4 1 hour weekly One-on-One Premium Coaching Package $800. per month

(Coaching by Invitation only, I offer a complimentary 15 minute call to see if we are a good fit.) call Rick at 303-809-4757 to learn more or book online at

Animal Totem Decks
Includes 45 different Wild Animal Totem Card's, 7 Affirmation Cards and an Instruction Card
Animal Totem Decks

psychic rick finbow's animal totem deck

Meet Elvis The Lion

Psychic Rick's Magician's Wand

The Official Psychic Rick's Magician's Wand is available for purchase at Events and shows about town. See Events Page

A Magic Wand is a great tool to help you focus your energy.