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What My Clients Say

My client Lila an actress in New York City having fun doing what she loves. Starring in the Musical Chicago!


"Rick has spot-on advice and insight! 

A friend recommended one of Rick’s events to me, and I loved it so much that I’ve attended several more events and group readings. His intuition is spot-on, and his readings are clear and trustworthy. I always felt like I was getting clean, divinely channeled insight, and I left each one with a newfound clarity about something in my life.  

That alone sets him apart, but the way he holds energy in a room also creates a profound sense of community and camaraderie in a group reading setting. I often felt that someone else’s reading actually had wisdom in it for me, too! We all shared the experience, which created a really engaging, memorable event. Couple that with his warm, compassionate personality and it made each event I attended a valuable, meaningful experience. 

I can’t recommend his work enough!"

Diane Whiddon
psychic denver
Rick is extraordinarily talented and a wealth of information that can guide you to change your life and live the life you want. So grateful for his presence in the world!
Dr. Renee Ostertag
colorado medium denver

You Told me I would reach fame on Broadway. Here I am starring in Chicago.

Rick is very talented! I have enjoyed the readings I have gotten from him. I feel comfortable recommending him.
Ann VanDyke

Honest, straight-forward, & genuinely empathetic without changing the information that comes through.  I was apprehensive, afraid of wasting time, & all the typical responses your mind raises when considering calling.  

Danielle B.

Rick gave me the best reading I've ever had with any psychic 2 months ago. I left with so much clarity and felt hopeful and powerful about upcoming changes. As I've watched everything he's said unfold and done the work that he suggested, my life feels more on track then it has in a long time. I listen to the reading often when I feel down or in a fog and it lifts me right back up again.
He is also one of the most genuinely kind and thoughtful people I've met. And his intuitive clarity is amazing. I would highly recommend him to anybody!

Melissa J.

The BEST out there!  Rick delivers the message with kindness and understanding.  His sessions are recorded so you can go back and listen again!  Rick pinpointed, to the week, when I would meet my husband...get married...and even predicted some career changes very accurately.  Don't hesitate for one second. This guy is the real deal!

C. W.

From personal insights to business coaching, and connecting with loved ones on the other side, Rick is talented and wise. I was blown away by the knowledge he was able to tap into in order to help guide me through some sticky life situations. Thanks a million Rick!

Beth R.

Rick is fantastic and right on-target with his intuitive readings. In addition to individual readings, I have participated in group readings (very fun!) and he was the highlight of our 30th Wedding Anniversary party. Our friends are still talking about him!

Anita L.

I wanted to send you a quick note letting you know how much you have changed my life.  Wonderful and right on, as a life coach you have become invaluable to me. My life, my attitude, my heart all feel so different since you have come into my world. You have taught me so many things in the short time we have known each other and I can say nothing but Thank You.  My world is such a beautiful place since you have taught me about living life in this universe. You not only teach it but you live it. You are my hero. 

My heart felt thanks.


Joyous anticipation, excitement, exhilaration - all this plus peace, assurance, and confidence were the immediate effects from my reading with Psychic Rick Finbow.  But the totally unexpected, huge bonus was the miraculous impact it had on easing my horrific arthritis pain! This because of the assurance I got of a prosperous and gratifying future career alleviated the subconscious fear and uncertainty I had regarding  moving forward after my recent retirement. (See affirmations from "You Can Heal Your Life" by Louise Hay.)

It's been ten days since my reading, and still new insights are coming; answers to questions Rick raised keep being revealed.  Pieces of the puzzle are fitting together miraculously. It's very fun to recognize and celebrate these occurrences that I might have otherwise overlooked or disregarded as significant. The readings are not prescriptive - Rick affirms your Truth and asks questions that help you recognize promising associations and helps you stay true to your path.  Having this reading with Rick at this time of life phase transition has relieved my angst and helped me trust my intuition and to walk (actually skip) happily and courageously forward toward my life goals.  I've seen many psychics over many years - Rick is the best ever!

Bev J.

5 Stars for a 5 star guy. Rick hit all the things I have been thinking for a long time. I highly recommend a reading for any questions you might have. It was a GREAT experience.

Jeff J.

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